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Vaccine shortage leads to death of young adult in the UK.

  Laren Sandall A heartbroken mother is pleading with parents to protect their children from a deadly strain of meningitis following the death of her 18-year-old daughter. Lauren Sandall died from meningitis just weeks after she was denied the life-saving vaccine at her local GP because supplies were too low. The...
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What do teens in Europe think about vaccines?

The importance of vaccination throughout life is a key message at the heart of this year’s World Immunisation Week and the #VaccinesWork campaign. As an organisation whose main focus is meningitis and septicaemia, we know only too well the consequences of a common misconception that vaccinations are just for babies. We are first to agree that...
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World Meningitis Day Blog 2017

Why is it important to Trust Your Instincts?   Each year over 1 million people are affected by bacterial meningitis and 170,000 lives are lost. Dr Obinna Ebirim, who became a Member of CoMO following the outbreak of meningitis in Nigeria this month, which has taken the lives of over 700, highlights the gravity of the situation, Those...
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Professor Fiona Stanley labels anti-vaccination campaigners ‘evil’

5c53029d3603fcfe2845d6c9b8e66ead Professor Fiona Stanley with Ashleigh Langoulant and her father and Chairman of Meningitis Centre Australia Bruce Langoulant Parents who fail to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases may not be motivated to act until more children are killed or severely disabled, Professor Fiona Stanley warns. WA’s leading child expert, a...
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