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Cooper’s story, at 5 weeks old

A team from the city children's hospital came to collect Cooper and took him to their neonatal intensive care. When he arrived tests were completed and they confirmed meningococcal meningitis (later to be confirmed as type B).

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Mum’s perspective on pneumococcal

Roger complained of a headache one night at about 8.00pm as he was on his way to bed. I tucked him into bed and told him I would check on him later. When it was time to check him, he had fallen asleep and I decided against waking him. Later that night at about midnight, Roger woke complaining of an intense headache and started to vomit.

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Mikayla’s meningococcal story

When we got to the hospital I was taken to intensive care, what I saw is forever burned into my memory. My baby was hooked up to what seemed like tons of cords and her whole body was as purple as a plum. I was told that she had meningococcal septicaemia. The doctors and nurses were doing all they could.

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