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Chloe’s Viral Meningitis Story

When Chloe was seen by the doctors in the early stages of the disease she was checked many times for neck stiffness, which she did not have. She only showed signs of neck stiffness much later in the course of the infection. I think it is important to point out that the symptoms of meningitis do not all occur and don't always occur at the same time.

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Cameron’s Pneumococcal Story

April 3 1996 changed our lives forever, it is the day that we lost our hopes and dreams as first time parents and started a completely new journey. We are 17 years later... Jane Danzi is now author of the blog, This is No Ordinary Kid.

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Lisa’s Story

What happened to me was one thing. Yet what has happened every day of my life ever since is far more profound. The intense pain of my hospitalisation and the complications I experienced have faded in my memory, but the struggle of life in a wheelchair, of public reactions to my disability, to the beaurocratic processing of getting back into the workforce, and getting my license back has taken an immense period of my young life to adapt to.

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