Raise funds in your community

Get involved and make a difference by raising funds in your community to support Meningitis Centre Australia.

Create your own fundraising page where you can create a goal, share your activity, post updates, and share it on social media. Every dollar makes a difference!

Special Occasions

Donate in lieu of gifts on your birthday, wedding, or anniversary.

Face Your Fears

Set a personal challenge for yourself, go skydiving, swim with sharks, bungy jumping, get a tattoo, do something you would never do.

Get Active

Swim, run, bike or hike for a reason, design your own physical challenge.

Pyjama Day

Organise a pyjama day, fancy dress day, crazy hair day.

Office Swear Jar

Set up a swear jar in your office and donate the funds you collect.

Karaoke Night

Get your mates together and have a fun night full of singing and dancing.

Movie Night

Movie night under the stars, a themed movie night, a family movie night, a movie marathon.

Trivia Night

Challenge your mates to a themed trivia night, sports trivia night, movie trivia night, music trivia night.

Wine & Cheese Night

Have a cheese and wine night, or cheese fondue night.

Purple Day

Wear purple socks, dye your hair, wear a purple sports jersey, get dressed up in your best purple outfits.

Get Cooking

Have a sausage sizzle, bake sale, morning tea, high tea, brunch, themed dinner, progressive dinner, potluck, curry night, or a cultural food day.

Create Your Own

Got an idea? We love new fundraising ideas!

Seek urgent medical advice if
you suspect meningitis

For general enquiries call