Meningococcal: Baby Archie Roberts’ miracle survival

Archie 1MENINGOCOCCAL struck Archie Roberts out of the blue and ravaged his tiny body so badly that his parents were told he would not survive.

But a video has captured the exact moment a miracle occurs.

Against all odds Archie, now nine months, fights his way back from a deathly sleep on life support to give his distraught mum and dad the glimmer of hope they had prayed for through six torturous days.
“When I saw he was battling to open his eyes I was screaming and bawling and shouting ‘my baby is waking up’,” mum Katelyn Roberts said.

“Staff came running from all over the hospital. Everyone was shocked. I could tell that he knew I was there.

Archie 2“Throughout his time on life support I had been singing his favourite song Miss Polly Had A Dolly.
Archie at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

“I had also had many desperate moments when I said goodbye to him.

“When I look at our beautiful, lively boy just a few months later I cannot believe how blessed we are that he pulled through. He has an amazing spirit and seems oblivious that he came so close to death.

“For me, I am struggling to deal with the horror and have post traumatic stress.”

So far in 2017 there have been 21 cases of meningococcal in Queensland. There were 43in 2016.

Archie did not attend childcare and it is unknown where he contracted the W strain.

A vaccine for meningococcal C is included in the National Immunisation Program and is given at 12 months of age.

“It all started when he seemed unwell,” Ms Roberts said. “My partner Josh and I took him to the GP who thought he had an ear infection.

“But later at home he screamed when touched and we noticed his lips were turning grey and purple so we rushed to Ipswich Hospital.
The video connection was lost
How meningococcal changed this boy’s life

“Two tiny red dots appeared on his chest and all hell let loose at emergency.

“Medics just swarmed around him and that was the start of the nightmare.”

Archie was transferred to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

“The doctors have been amazing,” Ms Roberts said.

“I would like to warn parents to trust their gut if they feel something is wrong with their child and follow through right away.

“With meningococcal, fast treatment is essential.”

SOURCE: The Courier Mail

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