Qld MP’s son contracts bacterial meningitis

State MP for Southern Downs James Lister has thanked the community for an outpouring of well-wishes over the last 24 hours after his eldest son was flown to Toowoomba Hospital yesterday for treatment for bacterial meningitis.

Jeremy Lister, 9, has been stabilised in hospital and the Lister family earlier this afternoon was awaiting the results of extensive medical tests to determine the particular ‘strain’ of meningitis their son has contracted.

He was initially treated at Stanthorpe Hospital after displaying serious symptoms of the condition and Mr Lister said he believes the decision by medical staff to administer a ‘broad-spectrum’ antibiotic was most likely “life saving”.

Meningitis affects the lining of the brain and the spinal cord and is particularly serious in younger children and can be life-threatening. Viral meningitis is generally more common than bacterial but both conditions are relatively rare.

James and Belinda Lister have a younger son, William, who is well.

“Today (Wednesday) Jeremy’s doctors advised that his meningitis has resulted from a bacteria rather than the more common viral cause,” James told the Free Times earlier today.

“And this afternoon they have added that Jeremy has a blood infection with the same bacteria and that it is a type rarely seen in meningitis cases.

“Jeremy will probably be in hospital for quite a while as they analyse the bacteria and fine tune his treatment.

“The poor fella has had a rough time, but he’s sleeping at the moment and that’s good to see.

“Belinda and I want to thank everyone for their expressions of love and support.

“We also want to acknowledge the wonderful and caring work done by the staff of the Stanthorpe and Toowoomba hospitals to care for Jeremy.

“I have no doubt that Jeremy wouldn’t be alive now if it weren’t for their efforts.”

SOURCE: Southern Free Times Warwick

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