Wiggles member catches Viral Meningitis

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Anthony, far left, always looks like he’s having a hopping good time. Source: The Wiggles

We all know just how tiring it must be singing and dancing for energised kids every day. But Anthony Field has revealed the shocking illness he suffered as a result from going on tour with The Wiggles.

And it wasn’t from eating dodgy take-away food or unclean hotel rooms. It was coming into contact with his biggest fans: kids.

“I got viral meningitis, which the doctors say I probably got from the audience, high-fiving children and not using the hand sanitiser,” Anthony said on the podcast, WHO ARE YOU.

He suffered for years
The 55-year-old said he contracted the dangerous viral brain condition close to three years ago, and is only starting to make a full recovery now.

“That was dreadful,” he said. “It was two to three years ago, and now I’ve just started getting back into exercise. It really laid me low.”

Performing under pressure

The only remaining original Wiggle has been open about his health struggles before.

For years, the entertainer suffered anxiety and depression, with negative thoughts and anxiety attacks plaguing him.

“You feel like you shouldn’t be on the earth, basically,” he said back in 2017. “You’re a waste of time … You’re in a crowd with people and you feel like you’re the only person who feels like that. (You think) they don’t understand me – no one gets me.”

SOURCE: Kidspot

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